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Phelps & Williams stock all makes and models of tyres. If your tyre is not in stock, it can be acquired very quickly.

Tyres technology has evolved hugely in recent years increasing durability, reliability and safety. Tyres are now made with multi-layer technology.

One problem some people face when trying to buy new tyres is that the sheer number of high quality tyres available from all the different tyre manufacturers can be quite overwhelming.

Luckily we know what we’re talking about when it comes to tyre advice. Our team of technicians are always more than willing to have a chat with customers who are finding it difficult to make a decision on which tyre to buy.

TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

The TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is an essential safety feature installed in modern vehicles. It constantly monitors the air pressure in the car’s tires and alerts the driver if any tire’s pressure falls below the recommended level. The system utilizes sensors mounted inside each tire, which transmit real-time data to the car’s onboard computer. If a tire’s pressure drops significantly, the TPMS sends a warning signal, typically through a dashboard light or audible alert, prompting the driver to take action. By maintaining proper tire pressure, the TPMS helps enhance safety, improve fuel efficiency, and prolong tire life, ultimately ensuring a smoother and more reliable driving experience.

Phelps & Williams have the latest equipment to supply and diagnose issues with this system.

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