Garage Services Swansea

Garage Services Swansea  by Phelps & Williams

Car Tyres


We stock all makes and models. If your tyre is not in stock we can aquire it very quickly. Our quality fitting service and advice means longer tyre life for you.

Car Exhausts


All Phelps & Williams exhausts come with a guarantee. Quality exhausts and complete exhaust systems at competitive prices.

All makes and models available. Call to check prices and availability. Quality fitting service.

Car Suspension


Phelps & Williams can check and replace your suspension.

A neglected part of the car that can cost you money with excessive tyre wear.

Get yours checked out for FREE.
Car Brakes


One of the most important parts of your car which is why we offer a FREE brake check service.

Whatever make or model we keep a wide range of brakes in stock. Take advantage of our free brake offer check today and make  sure you and your family are safe!
Car Wheel Alignment


Tyres wearing down at an unacceptable rate? Tyres wearing out in just one section, outer edge, inside or middle?

We are happy to check your wheel alignment for FREE.
Car Battery


We can give your battery a quick Health Check. Bring your car down and we’ll check your battery before it lets you down.

Full range of batteries to fit any make, any model.

Car Servicing Swansea

Car Servicing

Full car servicing and interval car servicing.

Swansea car owners now have the option of having their car serviced without having to pay some of the high prices charged by some main dealers.

Car Diagnostics Swansea

Car Diagnostics

Phelps & Williams have invested in car diagnostics. Swansea car owners now have the option of receiving a quality diagnostic of their car

Garage Services